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Refuses to give pregnant magnesium sulfate
posted on 02/24/2014

Recent studies have proven that eating "magnesium sulfate" for long periods exceeding 10 days leads to deformities in bones, pointing out that proved that dealt with "magnesium sulfate" leads to a lack of calcium in blood, causing problems with bones of the newborn, as well as to distorted embryos.

There are tips guide for pregnant women before birth to help them overcome that situation, including the continuation of aerobic exercise, which works to train the muscles of the uterus, and to facilitate the birth process, in addition to maintaining a jogging for 60 minutes a day helps to increase women bear and deal with the pain of pregnancy.
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In addition to that some of the doctors who teach women squatting exercises for the birth, which helps to strengthen the pelvic muscles, which increases the flexibility of the vagina during childbirth

She went during labor can put a bag of warm water, which works to relieve pain and muscle extension, stressing that the water is warm, not hot, noting that the massage lasting, circular movements of the lower abdomen, leading to reduce the pain of labor.

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Strong men championship and cup
posted on 02/19/2014

Slovak cup of strong men
 Sunday 29 9th 2013, in the parking lot in front of the hospital Ban vice over Bebop held the final round of Slovak cup of strong men. A

It’s in previous years, this year the organization took longtime representative Bravo skirt, which the last time suffers injury.

His assistant is his wife, a reporter Sashimi Makah collars. Competition will begin on the 14th afternoon. After this finally know the winner of a new professional in 2013.

Each individual round belonged to another winner. In the opening round, held in Trenching, in the area Sport Hotel Island, demonstrated its power Yaroslavl given
The second round of organized Truck Arena in Pies any brought victory competitor with a lot of experience - Richard Katina.

In Nitra RUDNÁ again dominated rookie Stefan Tama, whose trains contender for overall victory Mare Tooth.
Clearly dominated the fourth round Peter, who had competed regularly between strongmen, it would certainly stirred the total order. The last, fifth wheel belonged to the next guys who once were a professional strongman

Mark Markus. Due to injury, but again found himself on the Slovak Cup with the possibility of a license to fight again.

In Benefice over but all guys do not conflict. Since the beginning of the season it seemed that the procedure will compete foursome strongman.

This sport is very demanding but chose its toll in the form of injury.
 So he had to resign from leadership positions as Yaroslavl given, and the second one Stefan tummy.

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Distribution of body fat
posted on 02/18/2014

Pear or apple shape
Researchers looked at the genetic factors that make people more susceptible to obesity. Of the eighteen new genetic variants that they identified, several appeared to play in the development of obesity.

Role through the brains for example, brains give a boost appetite and regulate food into fat. Also determine the brains controlling and suppressing cravings. The newly found genetic factors together determine the factors that were already known, but a small part of the weight variation between people.
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 Other genetic factors will have to be found. By different type and scale investigation
Distribution of body fat
The researchers studied how genetic factors influence the distribution of body fat.

The place where fat is stored in the body has an influence on the health. People who have more fat around the waist (apple shape) have a greater chance of developing diabetes (type 2) and cardiovascular disease. Storing fat in the thighs and buttocks (pear shape), appears to protect against diabetes and hypertension. Some protection It took thirteen genetic factors that affect these body shapes.

 There are also clear differences in body shape between men and women, but the processes that determine, are not clear in this study.

However, the study provides some biological clues. Seven of the thirteen variants appear to have been found in women than in men. Much stronger effect This could be the differences in fat distribution between men and women. Important basis

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Choosing the right exercise to eliminate back pain
posted on 02/17/2014

The main cause of back pain - especially lower back pain - is muscle weakness. And supports the muscles of the back, abdomen and rear combined spine, these muscles are called the core muscles. This is the mainstay of the muscles of the spine, and one can develop these muscles through exercise and thus be able to relieve back pain or eliminate them forever.
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And play a strong abdominal muscles (especially the muscles of the abdomen six) role is as important as the role of the back muscles to protect the lower back and reduce the pain. Playing the front of the thigh muscles play an important role in preventing injuries during lifting

The legs are used in helping people to lift things in the case of human weakness resort to use of force in getting things back. If you are suffering from severe pain in the lower back, start to exercise appropriate exercises as long as you can do so without the pain that you feel, you can start exercise after a day of feeling back pain that may.

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The importance of calcium for your child
posted on 02/14/2014

There is no doubt that dairy foods contain various basic elements of calcium to the diet of the child. The calcium is an essential element for building strong bones and healthy for the baby, despite the importance of calcium in a child's life, we find now a lot of children drank carbonated drinks more than their consumption of milk, which is one of the main sources of calcium, which represents the element of food and metal very important for the child.

Become A Muscle Builder

The child's body uses calcium to build strong bones and continues in that stage until adolescence, so the period of construction of the bones of the child very important because with the passage of time and the child enters adolescence in the ratio of calcium him begin to decline.

For the girls, if their diet does not contain at a young age the right amount of calcium, they risk of osteoporosis in old age, something which will increase the proportion of contracting and fractures because the bones that are about to be weak.

The children, boys who do not get enough calcium and vitamin D, which helps the body absorb calcium, they are particularly vulnerable because their bones are weak and suffer from pain and weakness in the muscles.

 The calcium helps in muscle contractions and secretion of hormones, knowing that in the event that the ratio of calcium in the blood, low calcium in the body comes from the bones to ensure that the cells of the body naturally.

When the child is getting enough calcium and exercise the sport on a regular basis, the bones will be strong with the passage of time. If the mother feels that her child does not get enough calcium through natural nutrition, she can talk with your doctor to adjust his diet or giving him vitamin supplements.

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Stop Smoking Apps ineffective
posted on 02/13/2014

Mutation this deviation is common in the Netherlands: 1% of the Dutch population and in 5% of the "breast cancer families. The sisters and mothers of breast cancer patients with this mutation were found to have relative to female relatives of breast cancer patients without the mutation.

Doubling the risk of breast cancer It also found the risk of double-sided breast cancer twice. Women who have both father and mother of a CHEK2 * 1100delC mutation inherited, were found to have comparable to BRCA1/2-mutatiedraagsters.
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breast cancer risk This mutation is common in the Netherlands and would therefore besides BRCA1 / 2 standard have to be tested. Thus, one can give a more balanced opinion on breast cancer risk and prevention strategies.

Stop Smoking Apps ineffective
Stop Smoking Apps are generally of poor quality and not very effective. That U.S. researchers writing in the American Journal of Preventive Medicine.

They analyzed over 100 popular apps that are available in the United States. Most apps are not based on scientific recommendations for smoking cessation, do not refer to approved smoking cessation initiatives or to medicines that can help you quit smoking. As a result, smokers who get these apps do not use the help they need, decide the researcher.

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Learn ways to treat disease hyper-hidrosis hands
posted on 02/12/2014

Some diseases represent an embarrassment for patients, including disease hyper-hidrosis, what methods of treatment of this disease?
Responded to this consultation, consultant thoracic surgery and vascular surgery, natural human contains his body on the regulator to temperatures which helps to regulate the output, including race, which is controlled by nerve, which more or less according to several factors such as activity exerted, such as exposure to a high temperature or exercise, or strong emotion, it all natural.

Added that the patient's hyper-hidrosis, is a disorder of the nervous system, and did not discover until now the cause of this disorder, but it causes the increasing rate of sweat from the normal, which is the injury affects less than 1% of the world's population, he said, adding that such injury often show in childhood and
 increases in the teens, and represent those injury problems to deal with in writing or dealing with electronic devices such as computers, in addition to the social problems they cause patient handshake for fear of exposure to cash.

He said Abdullah The hyper-hidrosis appears under the armpits, and soles of the feet, and face, thighs, and hands, he said, adding that there are several types of hyper-hidrosis, and it is often genetically, and be the cause of excessive sweating is not known, the second type is hyper-hidrosis secondary, The output of this type because of other diseases, as problems thyroid.

The treatment of hyper-hidrosis has more than one type, there are drug treatments, which include giving the patient injected botulinum, which takes in the place which you are infected from hyper-hidrosis, and often
show results within a day or three, in addition to that there are some medicines objectivity which prevent the race by 30 to 50%, in addition to some of the drugs that are taken by mouth and contribute to alleviate hyper-hidrosis, especially among those suffering from hyper-hidrosis year, there are a last resort, a solution through surgical stapling nerve.

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ANGIOEDEMA - Condition infrequent and complex symptoms
posted on 02/12/2014

Some people suffering from a rare medical condition which suffer from many health problems and symptoms unrelated, and can not be understood by a lot of doctors. So most doctors choose in the diagnosis of this case

Explains consultant liver disease medicine and a member of the Royal College of Internal Medicine in London, the symptoms of this condition is complex symptoms, suffers a child of the bulge is not justified in different parts of the body, all or some of them, such as the mouth and between the thighs and the lips are believed by many as a skin disease or an allergy or a type of eczema,

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a wrong diagnosis, but more symptoms famous among the patients in this case is a constant pain in the abdomen uninterrupted and does not show a clear reason in the tests and analyzes, and the nausea and stomach pain and the wall and diarrhea symptoms known.

This disease is a type of infusion in the veins and arteries and a clear imbalance in the blood compound C1 and C4 shows the imbalance of these two elements in the analysis and blood tests, a disease genotype generates its purely human.
And treating this condition varies from one state to another, are preventing the patient from eating certain foods and certain medications hit by allergies, and medication prescribed for each case, which suits.

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