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Stop Smoking Apps ineffective
posted on 02/13/2014

Mutation this deviation is common in the Netherlands: 1% of the Dutch population and in 5% of the "breast cancer families. The sisters and mothers of breast cancer patients with this mutation were found to have relative to female relatives of breast cancer patients without the mutation.

Doubling the risk of breast cancer It also found the risk of double-sided breast cancer twice. Women who have both father and mother of a CHEK2 * 1100delC mutation inherited, were found to have comparable to BRCA1/2-mutatiedraagsters.
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breast cancer risk This mutation is common in the Netherlands and would therefore besides BRCA1 / 2 standard have to be tested. Thus, one can give a more balanced opinion on breast cancer risk and prevention strategies.

Stop Smoking Apps ineffective
Stop Smoking Apps are generally of poor quality and not very effective. That U.S. researchers writing in the American Journal of Preventive Medicine.

They analyzed over 100 popular apps that are available in the United States. Most apps are not based on scientific recommendations for smoking cessation, do not refer to approved smoking cessation initiatives or to medicines that can help you quit smoking. As a result, smokers who get these apps do not use the help they need, decide the researcher.

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