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The importance of calcium for your child
posted on 02/14/2014

There is no doubt that dairy foods contain various basic elements of calcium to the diet of the child. The calcium is an essential element for building strong bones and healthy for the baby, despite the importance of calcium in a child's life, we find now a lot of children drank carbonated drinks more than their consumption of milk, which is one of the main sources of calcium, which represents the element of food and metal very important for the child.

Become A Muscle Builder

The child's body uses calcium to build strong bones and continues in that stage until adolescence, so the period of construction of the bones of the child very important because with the passage of time and the child enters adolescence in the ratio of calcium him begin to decline.

For the girls, if their diet does not contain at a young age the right amount of calcium, they risk of osteoporosis in old age, something which will increase the proportion of contracting and fractures because the bones that are about to be weak.

The children, boys who do not get enough calcium and vitamin D, which helps the body absorb calcium, they are particularly vulnerable because their bones are weak and suffer from pain and weakness in the muscles.

 The calcium helps in muscle contractions and secretion of hormones, knowing that in the event that the ratio of calcium in the blood, low calcium in the body comes from the bones to ensure that the cells of the body naturally.

When the child is getting enough calcium and exercise the sport on a regular basis, the bones will be strong with the passage of time. If the mother feels that her child does not get enough calcium through natural nutrition, she can talk with your doctor to adjust his diet or giving him vitamin supplements.

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