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Choosing the right exercise to eliminate back pain
posted on 02/17/2014

The main cause of back pain - especially lower back pain - is muscle weakness. And supports the muscles of the back, abdomen and rear combined spine, these muscles are called the core muscles. This is the mainstay of the muscles of the spine, and one can develop these muscles through exercise and thus be able to relieve back pain or eliminate them forever.
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And play a strong abdominal muscles (especially the muscles of the abdomen six) role is as important as the role of the back muscles to protect the lower back and reduce the pain. Playing the front of the thigh muscles play an important role in preventing injuries during lifting

The legs are used in helping people to lift things in the case of human weakness resort to use of force in getting things back. If you are suffering from severe pain in the lower back, start to exercise appropriate exercises as long as you can do so without the pain that you feel, you can start exercise after a day of feeling back pain that may.

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