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Trademark Info 101 - Each Of The Info You Should Know

Obtaining a trademark for what you may feel is your original idea is something you absolutely should do. In this day and age, people want to steal ideas and employ those ideas for their profit. The only way that you can protect your creative assets is actually by legally binding these to you. But where will you file your trademark? Read the rest of this trademark info article.

getting_a_trademark_3The very first thing you must do is visit the official website in the US patent and trademark office on There you can find the complete information about acquiring a trademark. In fact, there is a lot of info inside, you can get overwhelmed. What you want to do is narrow your attention to three of the sections underneath the text that says Trademark Tools & Links.

 There are actually three sections below it that we would really like you to definitely check: Search Trademark Database, Apply Online, and look Status and View Documents. You could be inclined to click the application button straight away but that is certainly not where you want you to definitely go first. For those who have a logo or tagline that you would like to obtain a trademark for, go to the first section first.

Although it is highly unlikely that somebody else applied for the same logo or tagline, you can’t be too sure. And so it is advisable to make sure that your creative lot is unique and that you have no applications for identical items. Keep in mind that if you apply for a trademark, it costs between $225, $275, or $400. You don’t would like to waste it over a rejected application because someone else got approved first.

If, after searching the database, you’re certain that yours is completely unique, just make application for a trademark on the application section. As we said before, there are three different fees that you can decide to pay $225, $275, and $400. The 1st two are online applications the place you send your documents over a secure portal. The real difference between your two is that the cheaper application only permits you to use a patent for the trademark that is placed in the trademark manual while the more pricey one offers you more flexibility in what you could submit an application for.

The $400 application is performed totally offline, meaning that you send your documents through post office mail. Though it may be expensive, the great thing about it is that the trademark and patent office is not going to require any other fees being collected.

Since you now know somewhat trademark attorney info, anyone can go to prepare and send the application. Please make sure to send a complete application - failure to achieve this will lead to the application getting rejected following a long wait (applications tend to be approved or rejected after six months a treadmill year). If you require help, you can engage a trademark lawyer for your filing process.