Vir's Nest on Web turns 1 on March 8th!
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Born: 03/08/2010
Time: 03:40 pm
Place: Houston
Weight: 8 lbs oz
Length: 20.5 in
I can eat and travel at same time !! "Nachni" is one of my fav food.
Which word Vir says most ??

Hi Everyone, I'm one year old today. Thanks for all your lovely wishes and blessings. I have stared doing HiFi, LoFi, Flying Kiss, Kiss etc. I love everything that moves specially car. Dog is my most favorite animal. Climbing on stair is my favorite pastime. I say few words like "Mamma, Dadda, Mum, DeDe, DeNe, Ba, Gaga, Pa, Bha, Baba, Bho, Gum" etc. Well, learning is fun. Going out, Mingling with people, Eating variety of Food, Riding on anything, Flipping book pages are activities that keeps me busy.

Before I go on further....Here is message from Parents on my Birthday !! ( I have to post it, No choice. You may skip if you want, its all blah, blah !!)

"VIR, we wish you a very very Happy Birthday !!! May God brighten your life, give you the best judgment and freedom. You are precious and beyond anything we could have asked from God.

Two years back, we never thought that our life would be so different. But honestly, its been in good ways only. On our business trip to India, we went to three different countries at three different times. We did go around places as if we were bachelors. Almost touring 14-15 hours a day. Food, rest was all manageable. As a matter of fact Vir enjoyed the trip. Thanks to Vir"

OK, they wanted to post longer message but then you can Orly read so much...I will talk more about my activities in next message.

As always, new message here means new pictures on picture page. Check it out.

Love you all !! Keep Blessing me with your Wishes.


Vir Sanghavi 

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A year ago you were just born 
and now my babys one 
i cant believe the joy you've brought 
you are our special son 

This year ive lea ...     - More -
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